healthcare Automation Engineering and manufacturing
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flexible and fast production
Quality Policy
You think it, we make it
Engmotion develops industrial projects with flexibility and speed.
Business Units
We design, prototype and manufacture equipment for medical applications. We handle innovative instrumentation for applications in various areas of medicine.
We build your custom designs for mechatronic and automation machines. We cover mechanical, electronics and software development. OEM solutions.
We design mechanical, electrical and software solutions in accordance to your specifications and needs.
OUR mission
Dreams are worthless without the power of actions.

We believe a greener more efficient society is feasible. Technology and innovation have improved humans' lives since the discovery of fire, and only by pushing our limits we will learn to live in sync with the environment.
As simple as that.

This is the only "inspirational" quote you will hear from us. But it's also the very foundation that led to our actions.

Engmotion exists to push the boundaries of productivity by automating processes, optimizing workflows and easing management.

More efficient industrial processes will bring more abundance for everyone. That's why we focused on streamlining complex actions.

You think of a new product, we make sure it gets engineered and built as efficiently as possible.

Engmotion's core expertise encompasses biomedical engineering, automation and the development of special processes.

The Company has developed over time four major business lines:
  1. HealthCare automation
  2. Development of industrial projects
  3. Design and and support for OEM projects
Engmotion is an accelerator of opportunities for companies that require skills at the highest level in the development of automated systems and mechatronics.

We bring reliability, speed and convenience in advanced technological development projects by:
  • Transforming a concept into a product
  • Establishing OEM manufacturing lines according to customer's requirements
  • Bringing the production process to an industrial production scale.
Our know-how has developed a particular focus on the implementation of advanced automation solutions in the biomedical sector, for the automatic preparation of drugs, systems analysis, synthesis stations, home automation and machines for the active and passive physiotherapy.

We chose from the very beginning to have all the skills and resources in house to be able to realize in an immediate way the implemented technical solutions. As a result, flexibility and speed of implementation are Engmotion's key strength.
At Engmotion we live by an environmentally friendly development policy, involving both our business and our team, but also improving the relationship between man and the environment. We act on this principle by searching for new solutions, lobbying our green agenda to private or public institutions, communicating and implementing innovative proposals to the population.
Meet our team
The value of a well tuned team flies high above the sum of the individuals that compose it.
Chief Executive
Mario Chersi
Chief Manufacturing
Zdenka Lampe
Chief Accounting
Paolo Giribona
Healthcare Automation R&D
New job positions at Engmotion d.o.o.
When you join us we expect an enrichment of experiences and a new enthusiastic project to build together. We shall spend good and quality time together learning new things and ready to win new challenges.
Quality Assurance Assistant
Automation Mechanical Engineer
Automation Electrical Engineer
Automation Software Engineer
Case Histories
Engmotion d.o.o. is totally committed to the principles and practice of excellence and will conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. The scope of the certification includes all activities relating to the company and is summarized as follows: "Design, CNC parts manufacturing and machine assembly on OEM basis, for automation, with a primary focus on automation machines used in Biomedical and Genetics field".

Engmotion d.o.o. despite the classic business objectives, such as the achievement of business profit, considers of main importance the achievement of the Ethic of moral values, such as honesty, respect for people, for work, for legality and for the environment.

Engmotion d.o.o. recognizes that the company's role cannot be limited to the mere target of achieving an economic result, but the driving force that helps us to be leader is its passion in achieving its goals and its dream, with a maximum people involvement and continuous improvement towards excellence.

We think that this is the only way to become a key partner for the success of our customers. Engmotion d.o.o. fully embraces the thought of one of the most illuminated leaders of the past, Adriano Olivetti. We report here his original thought in order as a basic guideline for our future journey as entrepreneurs.

Our overall objective is to consistently provide customer value and satisfaction in product and service through world-class leadership, continual improvement, employee development, recognition and social responsibility. Our quality management system provides a framework for measuring and improving our overall business performance, supporting our company strategy and business plan, facilitates continual improvement and ensures the fulfillment of our customers requirements and other applicable requirements.

The Management Team and staff of Engmotion d.o.o. commit to this:

- By ensuring that the company fully meets the requirements of its customers and by endeavoring to enhance the overall service to customers to ensure that they are fully satisfied with our products and engineering services.

- By ensuring that the requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood so that our products can be delivered in a timely and professional manner.

- By promoting the use of a process approach and risk based thinking; resulting in all processes being established, documented, resourced appropriately, monitored and measured to ensure conformance to their intended results (Customer requirements, Business objectives, and applicable industry regulations and legislation).

- By ensuring that its entire staff is given sufficient training and development support to ensure competency for their area of work through education, training and experience, where appropriate.

- By ensuring through good planning and review that the best material, and equipment is made available for the manufacture of products.

- By working closely with its customers to develop and maintain first class relationships.

- Through commitment to maintaining and developing first class supplier relationships.

- Through management's participation in the monitoring and measurement of the performance of the QMS is focused on acting on opportunities for continual improvement.

- By planning and establishing measurable objectives based on its Quality Policy for the ongoing development of the company and its customers. These objectives are regularly reviewed and measured by management.

Mr. Enrico Merlani

Chief Executive Officer, CEO