Surtec 650/black anodization on special aluminium cnc partS
Second part of 2020. A new customer in Covid Time. A new specific application: Custom IOT module testing machine. It was the first time we had the request of Surtec Chromital 650 applied on a partial surface. High conductivity and good surface protection for the Chromital side, coloured anodization to avoid corrosion on a second side of some components. Interesting isn't it? Challenging as well.

What is SurTec 650 Chromital? It is a passivation process based on non-toxic trivalent chromium, suitable for aluminium, aluminium alloys and magnesium.

This makes the surface highly conductive and it gives it a high corrosion protection. If you want to learn more or to contact them for support, follow the link to their website: Chrome(VI)-free Passivation for Aluminium (surtec.com)

Although SurTec 650 is a great solution, in process, problems were awaiting for us.

First tests were not very satisfactory and not at all compliant with the specifications. So we started to work hard with our external anodization partner, to have our perfect CNC machined parts finished according to our customer requirements.

Steps taken to improve the process:

a) Prepare with the customer a specific acceptance guidelines

b) Find an appropriate adhesive to be used after Surtec 650 process to mask the required parts from the anodization process.

c) Improve the application process. Manufacture specific tools, to help operators to apply correctly the masking adhesives.

The outcoming was better for sure. But still not enough.

(in the picture) Acceptable by the customer, but not by our internal standards.

What's next? We will keep you updated.

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