Manufacturing and know how transfer
Manufacturing and manufacturing control transfer and re-engineering based on transparent processes and complete know how acquisition
  • Do you have a production line of Automated Production Solutions
    and you feel that you do not control the manufacturing process?
  • Your Automated Production Solution has been developed with a manufacturing partner and you feel that you do not have all the information necessary to start the production with another partner?
  • Would you like to evaluate the real cost of the Automated Production Solutions
    that you give in outsourcing?
  • Do you have complicated and limited quantity of Automated Production Solutions to outsource?
Engmotion can be your partner in all these situations.
We are a smart team with high end capabilities and knowledge in design and manufacturing Automated Production Solutions, or mechatronic devices mainly applied to Biomedical field.

    Engmotion has in house all the resources that can support you in design or in starting a new production, as well as in transferring a manufacturing on which you would like to have full control for what concerns technical contents and costs.
    Engmotion is composed of several departments that manage the manufacturing from raw material up to CNC production, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly and final testing.
    Thanks to our flexible company structure and our dynamic attitude, we are ready to solve any problem related to manufacturing of initial batches or limited customized machines or devices.
  • Thanks to long term cooperation with well-known companies on an international scale, we established a highly transparent way to work with our partners, from all points of view. Technical contents are totally and continuously shared and transferred to our customers. Improving opportunities are communicated and proposed as a natural part of our mission in improving the product of our partners. osts are totally transparent and shared with the partner. This is the only way to build trust between partners and prepare the way for a long and satisfying partnership.
We can follow our partner in any kind of automation solution, transferring as it is an already active machine or applying cost effective modifications as well as re-engineering completely the automated machine or process.

The Process. Easy, Smart, Fast.

1. Design results are shared and approved.
2. Prototype design is transferred to pre-production
3. Manufacturing drawings and instructions are ready to build new machines
4. Our Partner can follow step by step any new product process. We give him full control in every stage

At the end of the process, our partner has a full design and manufacturing control. Design requirements, BOM, complete set of original drawings, manufacturing instructions and tests are transferred to him and continously updated according the design process control and improvements required.
At the same time he has also complete control of costs and support in case he needs to transfer again the production or to scale it up.
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